Travel industry backs strong Paris climate deal

While the big show at COP21 in Paris is addressing the big picture of how to address Climate Change, I often forget the work individual groups and industries are doing to address it. The Travel Industry has a lot to lose if we don’t curb destruction of the climate, especially when the result increasing sea levels and violent weather patterns. The industry could play a a similar role gasoline providers did during the Clean Air Act debates in the United States, as well as Dupont when it lobbied for the Montreal Protocols. Buy-in from the private sector is crucial to getting national governments onboard, especially the US Congress. Republican lawmakers have pledged to block and roll back clean air regulations, regardless of a deal in Paris.

Summit County Citizens Voice

d The cruise ship industry aims to cut CO2 emissions by 30 percent in the next 15 years. @bberwyn photo.

Airline industry committed to cutting CO2 emissions 50 percent by 2050

By Bob Berwyn

World travel leaders say they’re on board with efforts to finalize a meaningful global climate agreement at the ongoing COP21 talks in Paris.

Highlighting the economic opportunities that the travel industry creates, several major international organizations reiterated the industry’s commitment to contribute to fight climate change.

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