About Artemis

Who We Are!

I started Artemis – Foreign Policy as a forum for analysis, discussion, and constructive conversations about American Grand Strategy in the 21st century. Four years ago, I saw the world was going through big changes, from upheavals to the Middle East to a rising China, and shifts in the landscape of issues from European integration to cybersecurity and nuclear weapons. I believe that our world is going through upheavals, that the future of American leadership is changing. My blog looks at emerging issues, policy arenas and geopolitical struggles to provide advice and leadership to the policymaking community. By tearing through the terra incognita of foreign policy wilderness, we can browse the light of new solutions.

I welcome my readers and contributors to join my ongoing conversations each week, as I cover the globe on our website, Twitter, and Facebook. Our conversation is one that extends beyond all partisanship, and is an expression of American leadership.

Meet the Editor

Hello! My name is Keith Brannum. I am an independent foreign affairs writer exploring contemporary issues in foreign affairs. I believe we live in dangerous, but exciting times, where major events are changing my world. I am excited to not only give my thoughtful views on events, but offer advice about what we should do as citizens of our country to address them. I have worked on European and Eurasian affairs throughout my collegiate career, and published research on the French military experience in Algeria from 1954-1962. I have also written several educational guides for the Southern Regional Model UN association’s conferences, including a recent study of the impact MegaCities have on the global economy and environment.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of North Carolina Asheville in 2013, with a focus in 20th century US Foreign Policy. I went on to obtain my Masters in Public Administration from North Carolina State University in 2015, with a focus in Management and National Security Policy. Currently, I live in Chapel Hill, NC, care for three dogs, and work to elect great policymakers to public office.

Please enjoy this blog, and give me your thoughts so we can have a great conversation about our world and its future!

How to Contacting Me?

Email: keith.brannum@gmail.com

Facebook: Artemis-FP