Writing for Artemis


Good Day!

Thank you for choosing to submit a guest post to Artemis-Foreign Policy (FP)! Before you submit to us for publishing, we want you to read through our Guidelines to make sure they follow the standards we established here in Artemis. Our online magazine works to uphold professional standards of writing, while presenting exciting content about events in our world today. Any articles that do not meet the guidelines written here will be returned to you for corrections before submission.

If you would like to talk about article content or ideas for submissions, please email the editor at keith.brannum@gmail.com to talk about how you can contribute to the foreign affairs community here at Artemis-FP.

Artemis Content Guidelines:

  1. All submissions must be about contemporary issues in US foreign policy and international security, or subjects related to it. If you have questions about whether the content is specific to this publisher, email at keith.brannum@gmail.com for help.
  2. Submissions must be original works. Plagiarized work will turned away.
  3. Any Submissions that are purely self-promotional will not be accepted. Links to other blogs or websites are allowed in an author’s bio (limited to 3 sentences)
  4. All content published through Artemis-FP is owned by Artemis-FP. Authors are allowed to link their materials, and reference their articles as needed.  

Length: No more than 1,500 words.


  1. Headings and Subheadings should be boldened and apply to each subgroup.
  2. Avoid contractions, slang, and other language you would not provide in a professional paper.
  3. Content should be subject-specific, fresh, and comprehensive.
  4. At least 1 Picture. Pictures and videos may be included (and encouraged), but should not distract from the overall body of the paper. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.  

Format, Mechanics, and Grammar:

  1. All posts must be in 10pt font, Times New Roman, single spaced. Period.
  2. Posts with spelling and grammar errors will not be accepted. Please proofread before sending.
  3. Sections headings must be boldened.
  4. Newspapers, journal, and magazine articles must have Quotations (“,”), while book titles must be italicized.
  5. Direct quotes must be bracketed with quotes (“,”).
  6. The Oxford Comma is required.

References: Direct citations should hyperlinked to the article. Direct citations of books and traditional publications should have an in-text citation. Ex. “According to Steve Coll in his book Ghost Wars…”

Happy Writing!